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Important plastic tray accessories: plastic tray non-slip mat
Dec 04, 2017

Plastic pallet anti-slip mat Definition: Plastic pallet anti-slip mat is a kind of rubber block designed by mosaic on the surface of plastic pallet. It is an essential non-slip design in plastic pallet anti-slip measures.

Plastic tray non-slip mat principle: Plastic tray non-slip mat is mainly non-slip surface texture design, fixed on the plastic tray surface, when the goods placed on the surface of the plastic tray to increase plastic tray and cargo packaging friction to achieve the purpose of non-slip.

Plastic tray anti-skid pad configuration: The plastic tray body has a rubber anti-skid pad on the upper and lower surfaces, and the rubber pad is installed in the mounting hole on the surface of the tray through the expansion mounting head at the front end. Non-slip pad structure has the advantages of easy processing and installation, easy falling after installation, and good anti-slip effect of the tray.

Realistic significance of the plastic tray non-slip mat: The main non-slip effect is reflected in two aspects: the goods on the surface of the plastic tray play a non-slip effect, forklift operation fork prick and tray bottom contact through the bottom of the non-slip mat play a non-slip effect.

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