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Plastic pallets in the container unit of the performance of the logistics
Dec 04, 2017

Plastic tray as a unit of container assembly, scattered goods can be gathered into the same specifications, with a certain volume and weight of the cargo unit. Container unitized logistics, is the use of containers or bundling methods, the items are combined into a centralized form of handling loading and unloading, storage and transport logistics process. Typical container units are containers and plastic trays. Plastic pallets in the unitized logistics function is very prominent.

① Due to the plastic pallet, several pieces of dozens of packages can be assembled into a unitized form. Due to the unitized form of the container, the pallet truck, the crane, the conveyor, the lifting platform, the freight trolley can be handled by the loading and unloading Mechanical mechanization, automated handling handling, warehousing, transportation and distribution, which several times, ten times, dozens of times to improve operating efficiency and reduce the total cost of logistics.

② unit consisting of plastic pallets of containers, standardization of logistics, mechanized operations to create the conditions.

③ The use of plastic pallet unitization of packaging, can promote the smooth flow of logistics operations and enhance the speed.

(4) Relying on the unitized logistics of plastic pallets can improve working conditions and operating environment, avoid repeated switching over halfway, reduce ineffective labor, and achieve the goal of energy conservation, emission reduction and efficiency enhancement.

(5) The unitized unitized logistics realized by the plastic pallet is conducive to the standardization and standardization of the whole logistics management and operation, and the unitized data transmission and information processing of the goods are possible, and at the same time, the count errors of the goods can be avoided.

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