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Plastic tray aging, brittle reasons
Dec 04, 2017

Plastic tray will take longer to use aging, and in the course of the process there will be man-made damage, so the plastic tray has a certain service life, in general, plastic tray life of 5-8 years. If the maintenance is good, you can use for 10 years. Of course, this is a relatively short period of time for the regenerated material tray and the tray with the recycled material for the raw material for making the plastic tray is new material and good manufacturing process.

Plastic pallets become brittle tray is a manifestation of the phenomenon of aging plastic tray will appear discoloration, brittle, easy to break and so on. Tray aging means that the macromolecular chains in plastics are broken, plastics will be the solution, which plastic Different components, some of the components of the additive because of the role of light, especially UV chemical reaction or volatile out, some changes in the plastic tray material, so that the original characteristics disappear, resulting in blue plastic tray aging, variable Crisp condition. Plastic pallets are the most basic assembly units in various sectors such as production and warehousing. With the continuous increase of domestic demand, plastic pallets are more and more attentive to product quality. The proper use and maintenance of pallets is also a necessary work.

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