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Plastic tray in the packaging part of the performance
Dec 04, 2017

Packaging is by a certain technical methods used containers, materials and ancillary materials such as the general term, its purpose is to protect the product, facilitate storage and transportation, and promote sales. In a sense, packaging plays an important role in the rationalization of logistics. In the past, plastic pallets had been regarded as part of packaging and even pallets into the field of packaging industry, showing the importance of plastic pallets in the field of packaging status.

1, one of the purpose of packaging is to protect the goods, to prevent the impact of goods in the logistics project, vibration, bumpy, squeeze. Putting products into pallets and packing them in the form of unitized flow into the logistics process can enhance the packaging effect and prevent damage caused by savage loading and unloading so as to ensure that the goods are intact.

2, in order to ensure that goods in the logistics does not mold, deterioration, rust, pollution, the product packaging on the tray, and then wrapped in the outer membrane, you can more reliable solution to the above problems.

3, stacking a plurality of packages on the tray to form a unitized package, which can reduce the loss, loss and theft of the goods; wrapping the package of the unitized packages of the pallet with the plastic film can also play a role of dampproof, dustproof, Anti-stack fight and so on.

4, the function of the product packaging itself has a certain limit, but a combination with the tray, the function of the logistics system has a "volume" of leap and "quality" improvement can greatly improve the efficiency and quality of logistics operations .

5, combination of pallet and packaging, packaging specifications will promote the modular templating, packaging technology to take a step forward.

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