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Plastic tray production injection processing technology
Dec 04, 2017

Traditional injection molding simulation software based on the model of the center layer - plastic tray. The user first abstracts the thin-walled plastic product into approximately flat and curved surfaces, which are referred to as the center layer. Generate 2D planar triangles on these center layers, use these 2D planar triangles to perform finite element calculations, and display the final analysis on the mid-plane. The injection molding product model to use more three-dimensional solid model, the two models are inconsistent, the second modeling is inevitable.

Injection molding machine

Injection molding machine can be divided into clamping device and injection device.

The mold clamping device is a mold that is opened and closed to perform an ejecting operation, and also has a toggle lever method as shown in the figure and a direct pressure method of directly opening and closing the mold with a hydraulic cylinder.

Injection device is heated to melt resin before injection into the mold. In this case, rotate the screw and let the resin put into the hopper stay on the front end of the screw (called gauge) as shown in the figure, and discharge it after storing the stroke equivalent to the required amount of resin.


The term "mold" is used to receive a metal mold that injects injected resin in order to form a material resin into a shape. The dissolved material is fed into the mold from the gate and filled into the cavity through the runner and the runner port. Next, the molded product is pushed out through the mold release plate on the mold release rod of the cooling engineering and mold opening molding machine.

3 molded products

The molded product is composed of a gate that flows into the molten resin, a flow path that is introduced into the cavity, and a product portion. As a result of a forming operation can only make a product, so inefficient. If you can use the flow channel to connect several slots, you can shape several products.

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