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Plastic tray single-sided and double-sided choice
Dec 04, 2017

The choice of single-sided plastic tray or double-sided plastic tray should be based on the corresponding storage, loading and unloading handling equipment and status (such as library type, shelf type, stacking or placed state) to determine.

For the small size of the auto-stereo library or high shelves to stacker or electric forklift vertical handling mainly occasions, double-sided heavy-duty series of trays and single-sided standard series of trays can choose.

For large area and horizontal transport-oriented occasions, if using a hand pallet truck is suitable for the use of single-sided tray; if the electric forklift handling, single-sided tray and double-sided tray are suitable for stacking goods , That is, the bottom of the tray and the bottom of the goods coincide, then use double-sided tray or Tian-shaped single-sided tray; if you can use their own mobile pallet truck handling, the bottom of the connection is not a nine-foot single-sided tray .

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