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Precautions for use of blow - plastic tray
Aug 07, 2018

As an indispensable part of the warehousing and logistics industry, with the increasingly declining status of the warehousing and logistics industry in supply chain management and the Internet of things, the plastic card board plays a fundamental role.

If the blow molding shelf is used in accordance with the specifications, it can not only give full play to its own performance, but also shorten its service life and save the ordering cost of the blow molding shelf.

In order to ensure long and safe use of the blow plastic tray, the following is a good description of the top 10 specifications for the blow plastic tray :

1. The blow-plastic tray frame should be placed gently to prevent the force imbalance when landing and the re-occurrence of damage.

2. It is not allowed to throw the blow plastic tray down from the height to prevent the tray from cracking and cracking due to violent collision.

3. When it is used to transport equipment, it should consider whether the delivery difference size is suitable for this blow plastic tray, so as to prevent the size from being unsuitable and support the blow plastic tray frame.

4. When placing the goods, the goods should be evenly distributed to prevent the rise and delivery of the goods, which will cause another deviation.

5. Goods are not allowed to be thrown from high places into the blow plastic tray.Make sure the goods are properly stacked on the shelves.The goods are evenly distributed and placed. Do not concentrate on piling up.A frame supporting a weight shall be placed on a flat surface or surface of an object.

6. In the operation of forklift or manual hydraulic vehicle, the fork spines should be supported as far as possible to the outside of the fork holes of the frame. The fork spines should be fully extended into the frame, and the Angle can be changed only after the frame is stabilized.The spines shall not collide with the side of the frame to avoid the breakage and crack of the frame.

7. When used for stacking, the top cover of the bottom tray shall be taken into account.

8. When putting the tray on the shelf, the tray type shelf must be used. The load is determined according to the structure of the tray.

9. The blow plastic tray shall prevent from being exposed to sunlight, so as to avoid causing aging and extend the service life.

10. Generally, the dynamic load of the blow plastic tray is more than 5 tons smaller than that of the static load, so it should be confirmed that the load of the tray is not lighter before delivery.

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