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Selection of plastic tray reference standards are there
Dec 04, 2017

With the development and progress of the times, the traditional wooden pallets can not meet the production needs well. The introduction of plastic pallets quickly occupied a certain market. The main reason is the plastic tray lighter, durable, better wear resistance, handling is also very convenient, the quality and service life of plastic pallets more advantages, health cleaning conditions are much better than wooden pallets. In general, the application of plastic trays can better meet the needs of production, storage and transportation, but only high-quality plastic tray products can effectively highlight its effect, so the correct purchase of plastic trays has become a key issue.

Want to buy high-quality plastic tray products, plastic tray should understand the general characteristics of the general plastic tray products will be used with the forklift to facilitate the handling of goods, so require a plastic tray has a good bending force, when it has a certain amount of After the flexing force, you can prevent the forklift spit broke.

Plastic with a certain degree of flexibility and self-lubricating, in order to prevent the plastic tray in the process of deformation, requires a plastic tray with good hardness, when it is placed on the shelf, the curvature must not exceed millimeters. If you want to choose a longer service life of plastic pallets, you need to have a good plastic tray anti-beat ability. As plastic pallets are also often used in shipping packages, they are also required to be non-decaying and non-absorbent.

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