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Special types of pallet trays
Dec 04, 2017

First, the shelf tray adaptive welding device

Which comprises a base, two first axis moving devices arranged in parallel on the base, a second axis moving device arranged perpendicularly to the first axis moving device, a vertical axis moving device arranged on the second axis moving device and arranged in parallel A laser vision sensor and a welding gun attitude mechanism at the bottom of the vertical axis moving device; and two ends of the second axis moving device are respectively connected with a first axis moving device. The laser vision sensor collects the weld image and stores it in the computer through the image acquisition card. The computer processes the image to obtain the position of the weld seam and controls the welding torch walking device to accurately weld through the motion control card.

Advantages: strong adaptability, can accurately identify the location of the weld tray pallet, scalability, low cost, simple and efficient control, high reliability.

Second, the three-dimensional rock core cow leg rack using the flat tray

The utility model is composed of a flat tray, a detachable handle and a ground support. The flat tray consists of a rectangular frame, a bearing board, a binding hole for the information card, and a handle Hand-hook hole structure; access operations, unit cargo shelved in the left and right sides of the goods on the cow legs, joists, stacker fork from the bottom of the gap in the goods out of the fork from the bottom of the plate pallet unit cargo;

According to the characteristics of permanent storage of physical geological data and no flow out of the warehouse, the utility model provides a flat-type tray used for a cowhide type shelf of a three-dimensional core library, occupying a space height of 20 to 50mm and reducing warehouse, shelf and stacker Height, can also increase the number of layers of goods, increase the storage capacity; plate tray or unit of goods in the shelf and conveyor line operations, automatic operation by logistics machinery, work area outside the transmission line work area, should be fixed-point installation of the ground support for forklift fork Shipped When moving the empty tray manually, attach the detachable handle to the handle attaching hole, and separate it after it is in place.

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