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The main features of blow molding plastic tray
Dec 04, 2017

Blow molding tray is a kind of trays, is now the most widely used tray varieties, what exactly does it have the main features? Here we come to a specific look.

Plastic tray can effectively prevent the cargo during loading and unloading process. During loading and unloading, items loaded in other trays are easily scattered by the shaking of the truck, and the unique flexing force of plastic trays can well avoid this problem.

Bending of plastic pallets needs attention. Placement of plastic trays above the shipping shelves can result in some bending and the degree of bending will continue to deepen, but the plastic trays must not bend more than one centimeter in an automated warehouse.

Plastic tray has excellent impact resistance, and the service life is very long. After being hit by the plastic tray, the impact will be buffered to reduce the impact of the impact. The impact resistance and wear resistance of plastic trays are great, which also makes it possible to have a longer service life.

The use of plastic trays more convenient. Plastic pallets are lighter than normal metal pallets and wooden pallets, which makes handling plastic pallets even more labor-intensive. And plastic pallets to achieve a standardized production, easier to use handling machinery handling. The plastic tray will not appear nails, inverted sign, handling process will not cause unnecessary harm to staff, better security.

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