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Disposable PS Foam Tableware Is The Best Choice For Chinese Food Packaging
Dec 04, 2017

Disposable PS foam tableware most suitable for Chinese food packaging. First, the characteristics of Chinese food is hot, the second is soup, the third is oil. For PS foam tableware to meet these requirements.

PS foam tableware has a certain heat resistance, for takeout and packaging, PS lunch box heat resistance can fully meet the requirements, in addition, compared to the current market PP, there are paper meal boxes, etc., because it has more Good thermal insulation, so there is insulation for the packaged food. However, it can not be heated by microwaves compared to PP lunchboxes, which is probably the only performance that can not be compared to PP lunchboxes.

PS foam tableware compared to some paper tableware, not only waterproof, grease, and good rigidity, very suitable for soup with Chinese food, multiple lunch boxes stacked will not collapse, to ensure that the packaging is not spilled. This is one of the reasons why "degradable PP lunchboxes" that replace PS foam cutlery on the train were eventually eliminated 10 years ago.

In addition to the PS foam tableware suitable for Chinese characteristics, it also has the advantages of safety and health.