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How To Stack Goods On Plastic Trays
Dec 04, 2017

The use of plastic trays in the logistics industry is very broad, its emergence has brought great convenience to the logistics industry, and now it's usage is great. Generally, there are several ways to stack the goods on the clinker pallet, which is not the same when stacked in pallets, bags and cases.

1. Bottled goods on the tray to pay attention to, to choose the right size plastic tray, according to the diameter of the cylindrical barrel to choose accordingly. If the barrel is not what specifications, then the choice of tray when there will be no major restrictions, basically the tray to force the surface up to 80% on it.

2. bags of goods at the time of visit, you can put in the form of five stacks of piles, the first floor is horizontal two vertical three, the second contrary, the third floor and the first floor, so that each layer is not There will be gaps, so that the force evenly tray, but also to maximize the use of plastic tray.

3. Boxed goods are mainly in accordance with the form of pressure seams, the first layer of goods placed well, the second layer on the first floor of the gap at the analogy, so that it is neat and convenient to put up, and can Let the goods more stable, more uniform force, but also to protect the plastic tray is not bent.