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How To Use The Plastic Tray Correctly When The Temperature Is High
Dec 04, 2017

The use of plastic trays at high temperatures and at room temperature is substantially more different. Modifying the polypropylene molecules at high temperatures exacerbates the movement between them, leading to the common problem of softness. For a typical steel-covered warehouse, if the outdoor temperature is around 36 ° C, the temperature in the sealed environment will increase by about ten degrees, which means that the working environment of the plastic tray is close to fifty degrees. We all know that the commonly used modified plastic material tray in the steam environment recommended temperature below 90 degrees Celsius, baking environment below 70 degrees Celsius, and in this environment is recommended not more than 90 minutes is appropriate. Obviously the warehouse usage is substantially longer than high temperature for more than 90 minutes and is basically similar to the baking environment so inevitably there will be a decay in load performance