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Plastic Tray And Wooden Tray Comparison
Dec 04, 2017

1, durability: plastic tray than wooden tray about 10 times longer life.

2. Reliability: The reliability of the plastic tray structure greatly reduces the damage and damage of the tray, as well as the material damage on the tray caused by the tray damage. The plastic tray is lighter than the same wooden tray, thus reducing the weight and cost of transportation.

3, Sanitary: plastic trays can be cleaned and reused, and USDA is promoting companies to use plastic trays to carry products. And now the EPA also realizes that plastic trays should be the product of choice for the U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Department of Defense.

4, the global trend: a few days ago the European Community has enacted a law requiring that by 2001, all food, beverage, medicine transport must use plastic pallets.

5, Dedicated: Plastic pallets will be more and more popular in specialty markets such as foodstuffs, beverages and pharmaceuticals. Plastic pallets can be made into various colors according to the requirements of different factories. Coupled with the corresponding companies Logo and tag.

6, Insurance: Because of the damage resistance of plastic trays, workers' compensation requirements are correspondingly reduced, and the reduction of wood use in the factory is equal to the reduction of fire insurance premiums.

7, salvage value: used plastic trays can be 30% of the original price of the sale, because plastic trays can be sold back to manufacturers or other entities for reuse.

8, environmental protection: plastic trays are environmentally friendly products, because they can all be recycled and re-use, greatly reducing waste and handling costs.

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