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Plastic Tray Size Selection Method
Dec 04, 2017

When selecting the size of the plastic tray, according to the different items required, the size of the selected specifications will be different.

1, first consider the specific specifications of the goods and placed on the plastic tray.

2, consider the tray loading tools (such as containers, trucks, etc.). For example: if it is a one-time use, you need to prioritize the integration of the width of the transport container 2300mm, on the 1100 * 1100mm tray, placed 2 columns, 2 into the fork or 4 into the fork can; and 1200 * 1100mm Of the tray, to use a combination of length 1200mm and width 1000mm, you must use 4-way into the fork.

3, such as the use of the warehouse shelves, to consider the width and depth of the shelf size, usually selected shelves placed two pallets per layer, and set aside about 200mm storage space for activities. Give a large size in the depth direction, this will not produce harsh plastic tray load requirements, in order to save on purchasing costs.

4, the choice of plastic tray size should also consider the versatility of the current domestic size of 1210 international standard, 1208 European standard and T11 Japanese standard.