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Simple Identification Of New And Old Plastic Tray Method
Dec 04, 2017

New material plastic tray: not refers to the new production of plastic tray, but does not add any recycled material, 100% new plastic particles produced, the product bright colors, high transparency. The easiest way to distinguish is to look at the color, bright colors, good gloss is the new material production, and mixed with recycled plastic tray color dull, dull. The new material plastic tray uniform service life of 8-10 years, ordinary plastic tray life 5-7 years, if there is no special requirements of the manufacturers can choose common material plastic tray, food and other health requirements of the industry proposed the use of new material plastic tray . Suitable for long-term

Turnover use. Plastic tray itself can be recycled, you can to the manufacturer to three old trays to the manufacturer for a new type of tray with the same, the recovery of the plastic tray crushing cleaning granulation, become recycled plastic particles, common plastic tray is to use a certain material Proportional regeneration

Plastic particles and new plastic particles produced together, different plastic tray manufacturers to add renewable materials is not the same proportion, and some small manufacturers even use 100% recycled materials production.

Plastic pallets nowadays have many different types. They are widely used in the transportation industry and widely used in storage. This is a very good transportation item.