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The Main Role Of Blow Molding Machine
Dec 04, 2017

Blow molding machine is used for extrusion of plastic products, HDPE products and other automation equipment. Blow molding machine working process has heating, extrusion, die, mold and other links.

In a work cycle, the actual pressure blower and the actual flow rate is changing, according to the action needs small, no action is close to zero. In the actual flow is small, the pump fuel supply is much larger than the actual load consumption, oversupply, rich in high pressure hydraulic oil overflow all over the relief valve. High-pressure hydraulic oil released by the relief valve after a lot of heat, this part of the energy dissipation is actually pump motor from the grid to absorb part of the energy. The longer the state of small traffic to maintain, the greater the energy dissipated. Cause, blow molding machine hydraulic system there is a serious waste of energy,