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To Reveals The Cost Benefits Of Returnable Plastic Pallets Versus Wooden Pallets
Oct 18, 2018

        In support of European Supply Chain Day (today 21st April) – which Kevin Richardson, Chief Executive of the CILT expects to be the biggest and best event yet – has created an infographic to educate logistics professionals about the significant cost savings they can achieve by switching from using wooden pallets to returnable plastic pallets.

        Jim Hardisty, Managing Director of, said: "We decided to support European Supply Chain Day this year to help raise awareness of the logistics and supply chain profession, which in my opinion deserves a lot more recognition.

        “Our infographic highlights how by switching from wooden pallets to returnable plastic ones logistics professionals will not only have a more durable, long-life product they can use over and over again, but achieve a return on their investment within less than 12 months.

         “Over a five year period, these cost savings can be as much as £189,000 when using plastic pallets instead of wooden ones. Considering plastic pallets can be used up to 10 times longer and sometimes more, these savings could more than double!”