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Winter Avoid Plastic Tray Crisp Approach
Dec 04, 2017

Plastic tray is a kind of logistics unit supporting the use of logistics equipment such as forklifts and shelves. Can be used to store, load, transport goods, logistics and warehousing is an essential modern logistics equipment is now one of the most widely used tray varieties. As we all know, plastic pallets are made of PP or HDPE materials, plastic products produced by injection molding, most customers buy plastic pallets are used indoors, including the warehouse turnover, storage, etc., the annual temperature is usually above 0 ℃ .

However, some customers, especially those in the north, might find it hard to find suitable materials (low-temperature plastic tray materials) plastic pallets when plastic pallets are used in the winter and may be exposed to low temperatures. To accurately operate the plastic tray, only to ensure that plastic pallets can be long-term use. To avoid brittle plastic tray, the following should be done:

1, choose to apply to thick-walled materials and the use of new materials;

2, adjust the molding process and post-processing technology;

3, a reasonable adjustment of mold temperature and injection temperature;

4, optimize the design and preheat the insert;

5, during the operation gently, the proper use.