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HDPE Blow Plastic Pallet

HDPE Blow Plastic Pallet

Warehouse HDPE blow plastic pallet double faced hollow pallet Brief introduction of plastic pallet Warehouse plastic pallet is a kind of logistics unit which is matched with forklift, rack and other logistics equipment. It can be used in very cold or hot place, durable, green,save cost,and easy to recycle..

HDPE Plastic Pallet

China Factory Directly Sale HDPE Many Size Blue Color Heave Duty Plastic Product Warehouse Plastic Pallets32 Warehouse plastic pallets26.png


Brief introduction of plastic pallet

    Warehouse plastic pallet is a kind of logistics unit which is matched with forklift, rack and other logistics equipment. It can be used to store, load and transport goods, and it is one of the necessary logistics equipment in modern logistics warehousing.

    There is a warehouse plastic pallet to meet the needs of environmental protection, the use of plastic pallets instead of wooden pallets, can effectively reduce the destruction of the forest;

The warehouse plastic pallet is an inevitable result of the development of logistics industry, with the concept of food safety has been strengthened, the high requirements of the pharmaceutical industry, plastic stacking pallet with its corrosion resistance, moisture proof, anti-corrosion, anti moth, mildew and other characteristics by the food and medicine industry sought after.   

    Warehouse plastic pallet is widely used in chemical industry. In addition, it is also suitable for the use of palletizing machines, often used in the palletizing of goods, and is more common in food and beverage, flour processing and other industries. In daily transportation and storage,warehouse plastic pallets are not easy to accumulate dust and easy to clean. warehouse plastic pallets are all equipped with exhaust holes on the plane, which has good air permeability and remarkable moisture proof effect.

    In addition, plastic pallet for warehouse has the characteristics of high bearing capacity and long service life, and has a wide range of applications in the fields of chemical industry, textile industry and manufacturing industry.

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Characteristics of plastic pallets used in warehouses


The service life of the plastic pallet is dozens of times that of the ordinary wooden pallet. The corresponding cost is also reduced.

2.Good reliability

The reliability of the warehouse plastic pallet greatly reduces the damage to the pallet and the damage to the material on the tray as a result of the pallet damage. Plastic pallets are lighter than the same standard wooden pallets, so the weight and cost of transportation are reduced.


The plastic pallet has good integrity, no spike, no thorn, no poison and tasteless, acid alkali resistance, no spark, can effectively prevent termites from encroachment, and can be thoroughly cleaned and used again.


Plastic pallets will be more and more popular in the special commodity market, such as warehousing, food, medicine, machinery manufacturing and other industries, and can be customized according to the requirements of factories without special requirements. If you have special requirements, you can also order colors and your logo.


Due to the anti damage of the plastic pallet, the workers' claim for compensation should be reduced accordingly

6.High recovery value

The plastic pallet according to the sales price of 30% of the original value, because the plastic pallet can be three pieces of bad pallet change a new pallet standard anti sell to manufacturers or other entities for reuse.

Scope of application

Plastic pallet used in chemical, petrochemical, food, aquatic products, feed, clothing, footwear, electronics, electrical appliances, ports, terminals, food, biological medicine, metal machinery, automobile manufacturing, petrochemical, warehouse, warehouse logistics and transport, handling, storage shelves, auto parts, textile printing, printing, beer and beverage packaging, logistics center and other industries.

Use the warehouse plastic pallets correctly

1.On the shelf on the plastic pallet, the shelf type plastic tray is used, and the overloading is strictly prohibited.

2.The plastic pallet should avoid sunlight exposure, so as to avoid aging and shorten the service life.

3.It is strictly prohibited to throw the goods in the plastic tray from high places.

4.It is strictly forbidden to throw the plastic pallet from the height to avoid the crackle and crack of the tray because of the violent impact.

5.When the operating height is more than 150cm, the plastic tray should be loaded with a mechanical forklift.

6.When handling equipment, we should consider whether the size of the goods is suitable for the use of this plastic tray to avoid disagreement on the plastic pallets.

7.It is reasonable to determine the way of stacking the goods in the plastic pallets. The goods are placed evenly, do not concentrate on the stacking, and the eccentricity is stacked. Plastic pallets carrying heavy objects should be placed on a flat surface or on the surface of an object.

8.When forklift or manual hydraulic vehicle is operated, the fork should be as close as possible to the outside side of the plastic pallet forks, and the cross needling should be all extended into the plastic pallet, so the angle can be changed smoothly after lifting the pallet. The fork can not impact the side of the tray so as not to cause the tray to break and crack. Fork fork into the depth more than 80cm, the speed is less than or equal to 2km/h.

9.Plastic pallet with built-in steel pipe should be used in a dry environment to avoid the danger of corrosion of steel pipe.

10.Plastic pallets should be used at room temperature, the operation temperature more than or equal to 60 DEG C, C -30.

11.Plastic pallets are used in strict accordance with the conditions of the use of plastic pallets (dynamic, static, shelving) and use methods.

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