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Goods HDPE Heavy Duty Plastic Pallet

Goods HDPE Heavy Duty Plastic Pallet

Goods HDPE Heavy Duty Plastic Pallet specification of heavy duty plastic pallet : Name: 9 feet blow molding pallet Specification: 1200*1000*140 Static load 6T, dynamic load 1.5T Weight: 7KG Material: HMWHDPE Color: Blue (other colors can be customized) Features: Resistance...

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Technical advantages of Suntop:

    Most of the blow molding pallets are used both sides, mainly composed of columns and bar stiffeners. After the product is blown and molded, the fork part of the product is cut to facilitate the import of the forklift truck. The improvement of the reinforcing bar and the design of the fork of the plastic plastic tray has become a symbol of the technological progress. Qingdao Suntop Energy Equipment Co., Ltd. has researched and invented new reinforcement technology in recent years, and opened up a good market prospect for blow molding pallet in shelf and production line.

Item specification of heavy duty plastic pallet

Name: heavy duty plastic pallet

Specification: 1200*1000*140;1100*1100*140;1400*1200*140;1400*1400*140

Load bearing: Static load 6000KG, dynamic load 1500KG

Self weight: 7KG

Material: HMWHDPE

Color: Blue (other colors can be customized)

Features: Resistance to aging, anti freezing and high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, environmental protection can be recycled, sanitation easy to clean.

Application: This heavy duty plastic pallet can be used in heavy metals such as hardware, electronics, machinery spare parts, refrigeration, storage, transportation and other industries. It is not suitable for stacking and upper shelves.

Process: Blow molding

production process of heavy duty plastic pallet

The first step: the extrusion of the plastic embryo;

The second step: the mold closed, the mould was clamped and the mould was cut off.

The third step: to the mold cavity cold wall expansion type culture, adjust the opening and keep certain pressure during the cooling, open the mold, unload the blow molding parts;

The fourth step: finishing the end of the fly to get the finished product.

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  Discharge        Closed die head      Cooling        Take out product  Cut off the edge

40 heavy duty plastic pallet 861.png 40 heavy duty plastic pallet 887.png 40 heavy duty plastic pallet 902.png 40 heavy duty plastic pallet 921.png

   Drill hole       Padding antiskid pad     Deburring         Product storage

Heavy duty plastic pallet performance:
A.Heavy duty plastic pallet can be used in the environment (-50 to 60 degrees), and its performance is not constant.
B.Excellent impact resistance, friction can not spark, not easy to burn, not static electricity;
C.No rust, no water, moisture resistance, water resistance, resistance to washing, easy to clean;
D.The service life of the heavy duty plastic pallet is far more than the wooden pallet and the injection molding pallet, and it does not need to be repaired. It can be recycled and meet the requirements of environmental protection.

Analysis of the characteristics of the pallet:
1,Heavy duty plastic pallet raw materials:
High molecular weight high density polyethylene (HMWHDPE) is better than ordinary low pressure polyethylene (HDPE) in various chemical physical properties. It is suitable for the production of large hollow container,and can be used in bad environment for a long time.

2,Heavy duty plastic pallet production process:
The hollow extrusion blowout is formed at one time, the distribution of molecular weight is uniform, the load structure is reasonable, and the jack for various forklift trucks is designed.

3,Heavy duty plastic pallet appearance:
Beautiful shape, no flicker, no other auxiliary connection, no thorns, no detritus, pure color, color can be selected, neat structure, clean and sanitary.

4,Heavy duty plastic pallet weight:
Light quality, good load performance, space movement is easy to be safe, no harm to people.

5,Heavy duty plastic pallet carrying capacity:
The net load is 4~6 tons; the dynamic load is 2~3 tons; the overhead load is 0.7 to 1.2 tons.

Requirements for the safe use of heavy duty plastic pallet:

1.Avoid sun exposure, so as not to cause plastic aging and shorten the service life.

2. It is strictly prohibited to throw the goods from the high to the heavy duty plastic pallets, and do not concentrate on the stacking, and the eccentricity is stacked. The pallet carrying heavy objects should be placed on the surface of the flat ground or on the surface of the object.

3. It is strictly forbidden to throw the plastic heavy duty plastic pallet from the height to avoid the crackle and crack of the pallet caused by the violent impact.

4. Forklift truck operation, fork as far as possible to the outside side of the tray fork hole, forklift should be all put into the pallet, smoothly lift the pallet before it can change the angle, the fork can not impact the pallet side, so as not to cause the pulp to crack, crack.

5. When the hollow blow plastic pallet is on the shelf, the special pallet of the loan frame must be used. The load capacity is determined according to the structure of the shelf, and the overloading is strictly prohibited.

6. In actual use, the use of plastic pallets must strictly abide by the norms.

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