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Blow Moulding Plastic Pallet

Blow Moulding Plastic Pallet

Blow Moulding Plastic Pallet Details Information : Size: 1200mm*1000mm*150mm,1100mm*1100mm*150mm and amny other size. Static load: 6ton Dynamic load: 2ton Net weight: 18kg ,other weight can be customized. Material: HDPE(good toughness and good wear resistance) Applicable explanation: This plastic pallet is suitable for factory and many types of industry.

Plastic Tray, Blow Moulding Plastic Pallet Pallet

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Source factory directly sale wholesale cheap price

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Nine-feet blow moulding plastic pallet

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High quality, best material,HDPE

Details information about plastic pallet :

Net weight: 7.5kg,8kg,10kg,12kg,14kg,16kg,18kg,can be customized

Material: HDPE

Fork way: 4 sides into fork

Delivery Time: Bulk stock, customized pallet need 1-2month according to the quantity.

Production Process:



Our advantage :

The blow molding pallet has many advantages in use, widely used in various industries, warehousing goods, transportation and so on.The use of blow-molding pallets can better reduce costs, the pallets use quality raw materials, environmental performance is good, non-toxic and tasteless, can be recycled and utilized, in line with environmental requirements.Good safety performance, anti-skid and anti-fall, non-conductive, non-combustion, widely used in the international scope.


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