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Light Pallet

Light Pallet

Blow Moulding Plastic Pallet: Size: 1200mm*1000mm*150mm 1100mm*1100mm*145mm and other size can be customized Color:blue,and other colors can be customized Static load: 6ton Dynamic load: 2ton Net weight: 18kg Material: HDPE(good toughness and good wear resistance) Applicable explanation: This plastic pallet is suitable for factory turnover, logistics...

Light Pallet

Blow Moulding Plastic Pallet

 High molecular weight high density polyethylene (HDPE) is the main raw material for hollow blow-molding plate. 20% ~30% recycled material can be added to the plate, and 1% ~ 2% functional master grains can be added according to different USES of the product.The properties of HDPE mainly depend on its density, relative molecular mass and relative molecular mass distribution.The higher the density, the higher the rigidity and hardness, and the stronger the resistance to chemical corrosion.The higher the relative molecular mass, the slower the polymer flow, and the better the toughness and environmental stress cracking resistance.The width of the relative molecular mass distribution directly affects the speed of the polymer flow.At present, the HMWHDPE used in the production of hollow blow molding tray is made of transition metal as a catalyst under low pressure (0.31-0.48mpa) and low temperature (80~1I0cC) .Blow - plastic pallets are widely used in petrochemical, chlor-alkali, chemical fertilizer, chemical and other industries with large turnover and frequent use.


Blow Moulding Plastic Pallet

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HDPE Nine-Feet Plastic Pallet 

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Heavy Duty Plastic Tray

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Use of blow molding pallet

The blow-molding pallet can be used in combination with mechanical forklift truck and manual hydraulic forklift truck to complete the cargo handling, turnover and stacking.There are mechanical forklifts and the four-side forklifts used for manual hydraulic forklifts. The products can be used in the field and environment where mechanical forklifts are used unconditionally.

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