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warehouse Plastic Pallet

warehouse Plastic Pallet

warehouse Plastic Pallet Pure HDPE Plastic Pallet Detail parameters: Size: 1200mm*1000mm*150mm 1100mm*1100mm*145mm, other size can be customized Static load: 6ton Dynamic load: 2ton Net weight:7.5kg,8kg,8.5kg,9kg to 20kg,other weight can be customized Material: HDPE(good toughness and good wear resistance) Applicable explanation: This plastic pallet is suitable for factory turnover, logistics...

Warehouse plastic pallet

Professional Factory Supplier Wholesales Pure HDPE Plastic Pallet 38 reinforced plastic pallet25.png


Detail parameters of HDPE blow plastic pallet:

Size: 1200mm*1000mm*150mm or other size are your requirement,can be customized.

Color: Blue, Red, Yellow, Black, other colors can be customized.

Static load: 6ton

Dynamic load: 2ton, different weight has different dynamic load .

Net weight: 7.5kg,8kg,8.5kg,9kg---20kg.Can be customized .

Material: HDPE(good toughness and good wear resistance)

Applicable explanation: This plastic pallet is suitable for factory turnover, logistics transportation, export frame.

Product features of HDPE hollow plastic pallet

1、 The plastic pallet made of HDPE can be applied to four sides fork of forklift, and it is easy to operate.

2、 This pallet is suitable for stacking in the warehouse, but also suitable for use in various types of shelves.

3、 Pallet plastic made by HDPE is suitable for all kinds of truck transportation. It is convenient for containerization and unitized transportation of goods.

4、 The HDPE blowing plastic pallet with antiskid function ensures the goods does not slip during the process of transportation.

5、 Long service life, and can be used again.

6、 Pure HDPE plastic pallet has the advantages of safety, sanitation, mothproof, no need to repair the advantage.

Scope of application of HDPE pallet

Suitable for chemical, petrochemical, food, aquatic products, tobacco, feed, clothing, footwear, electronics, electrical appliances, ports, terminals, food, biological medicine, metal machinery, automobile manufacturing, petrochemical, warehouse, warehouse logistics and transport, handling, storage shelves, auto parts, electronic appliances, beverage, textile printing and dyeing printing and packaging, logistics center and other industries.

Detail pictures of plastic pallets

38 reinforced plastic pallet1530.png 38 reinforced plastic pallet1532.png

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