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Storage Goods Plastic Pallet

Storage Goods Plastic Pallet

A kind of plastic backing plate storage goods plastic pallet used for loading and unloading, transportation, storage and distribution of goods. It is the most neglected and ubiquitous logistics equipment in the logistics...

Storage Goods Plastic Pallet

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A general introduction to pallet

   A storage goods plastic pallet is a horizontal platform for loading, stacking, handling and transportation as a unit load of goods and products. As a container equipment similar to containers, plastic pallets are widely used in production, transportation, storage and distribution fields, and are considered to be one of the two key innovations in the logistics industry in twentieth Century. As an important equipment for loading and unloading, storing and transporting in the process of logistics operation, storage goods pallet a great role in modern logistics with the use of forklift. The pallet brings to the modern logistics industry is mainly reflected in the benefits can be achieved in the protection of goods, goods packaging unit specification and standardization, and convenient logistics and business flow. 

An overview  of shipping plastic pallet

    The plastic pallet for shipping is a kind of plastic backing plate used for loading and unloading, transportation, storage and distribution of goods. It is the most neglected and ubiquitous logistics equipment in the logistics industry. It is the main means to change static goods into dynamic goods. After the introduction of blow molding plastic pallet, it is widely used in the logistics and transportation industry. Become an important tool in the logistics industry.

   In the field of transportation, the shipping plastic pallet produced by hollow blow molding is currently used. The blow molding process is one time molding, with simple process, low cost and long service life.


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Pallet stacking mode has the following requirements:

1.Wood, paper and metal containers and cargo monolayer or multilayer rigid rectangular staggered way, stretch or shrink;
2.Paper or fiber class goods in monolayer or multilayer staggered way, with cross banding sealing;
3.Sealed metal containers such as monolayer or multilayer stacking cylinder goods, reinforced with wooden goods cover;
4.The need for moisture-proof and waterproof protective paper products, textile goods and monolayer or multilayer staggered way, stretch or shrink wrap angle or increase support, goods cover partition reinforcement structure;
5.Fragile goods in monolayer or multilayer stacking, increase the wooden support clapboard structure;
6.The metal cylinder container or the cargo single layer vertical code increases the cargo frame to the slab reinforcement structure.
7.Bags of goods stacked multi-layer staggered compaction.

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