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Blow Moulding Nine Feet Plastic Pallet

Blow Moulding Nine Feet Plastic Pallet

Storage Plastic Pallet Basic information of storage plastic pallet Name :Storage plastic pallets Dynamic loading : 2T Static load: 4T Material : HDPE/PE Fork way: Four way to forklift Application of blowing plastic pallet : The plastic pallets for storage are widely used in clothing,foods,heavy goods,...

Wholesales Blow Moulding 9 Feet Plastic Pallet

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Basic information of storage plastic pallet

Name:Storage plastic pallet

Dynamic loading: 2T

Static loading: 4T

Material: HDPE/PE

Fork way: Four sides into the fork

Application of blowing plastic pallet: The plastic pallets for storage are widely used in clothing, plastics, metal tools,hardware, machinery, electronics, instruments, food, aquatic products, tobacco, chemical, pharmaceutical, three-dimensional warehouse and other industries, it is the necessary equipment for warehousing and logistics

Product specification drawing of plastic pallets for storage

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Product characteristics of storage plastic pallet

1、 The pallet for storage is made of HDPE material. It is made by blow molding process. This molding is full, the internal quality and performance is stable, with low temperature resistance, oil pollution, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, wrestling and other characteristics


2、 In the manufacturing process, the surface design of storage blowing plastic pallet  increases the skid resistance performance of the pallet surface. The concave hole of the hollow plastic pallet is designed according to the principle of mechanics, and can be stacked together when the pallet is not used, so as to save the warehousing and logistics space.

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3、 Different size and weight of goods in the storage of stacking, you need to use different specifications of the plastic pallet, Suntop blow molding Plastic pallet contains 1111, 1210, 1212, 1311, 1412 and other sizes, can meet the needs of different industries cargo warehousing.

4、It has good environmental protection performance, non-toxic and tasteless products, acid and alkali salt corrosion resistance, easy to clean, disinfect, and not rot. At the same time, the waste pallets can be recycled, and meet the requirements of environmental protection. It is bright and colorful and can be selected according to the requirements of the customer.  

5、The bearing capacity of storage plastic pallet is strong. Because of the structural design of the high strength blow pallet under stress, and through the computer engineering analysis and Simulation of the actual operation status, the load capacity of the product is strong, and the load capacity of uniform distribution is: static load 5~6t, dynamic load 1~2t, and overhead load 0.7~1t.   

6、Long service life. The product is molded with various high strength HMWHDPE plastic mixing materials, and has high strength and strong impact resistance. It ensures outdoor life through various material formulations. Under normal conditions, it can be used for more than 5 years. 2~3 can be used in harsh environment. The service life is 5~7 times the wooden pallets, steel pallets is 2 ~3 times, 3~4 times plastic pallet.  

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