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Plastic Road Barrier

Plastic Road Barrier

Qingdao suntop energy equipment made of plastic pallet and various type of plastic Road Barrier Features: durable in usage,Light, easy to move or install,water or sand filled into,highlight in road , ensure to reduce the damage to cars etc..plastic road block barriers,barriercades.

Plastic Road Barrier

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The function and application of plastic road barrier

Road safety plastic barrier is made of PE/HDPE, when the car collides with the equipment, it can effectively reduce the impact forcePlastic, can significantly reduce car and damage.road traffic safety barrier is placed in the car and road fixed facilities prone to collision parts, such as: road corner, toll station and elevated road Enter&Exit, parking lot, residential area, gas station and so on. Plastic portable road crash barrier can also be used to protect vulnerable areas like school yards, pedestrian zones, and fuel tanks from errant vehicles.

Installation and use instructions of plastic water filled road barrier

1、 Suntop plastic barriers use high quality PE and additives, durable, recyclable.

2、 It is beautiful and difficult to fade. Red / white or red / yellow connection is used, the warning is high, reduce the accident rate.

3、 The color is bright, can indicate the route clear and clear, and can beautify the highway or city.

4、 Water filled road plastic traffic barrier has buffering effect, can effectively absorb powerful impact force, greatly reduce the damage to vehicles and personnel.

5、 Two people can complete the installation and demolition, convenient and fast, save transportation costs.

6、 It can install warning lights or other auxiliary facilities, such as billboards, signs and so on.

Technical parameters of plastic traffic safety barriers

Water capacity: 250kg/500kg

Tensile strength: 17Mpa

Impact strength: 20KJ/cm

Elongation at break: 264%

Details of plastic block barrier

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 6 Plastic Road Safety Barrier1595.png

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