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Blow Molding Plastic Traffic Road Safety Barrier

Blow Molding Plastic Traffic Road Safety Barrier

Introduction of blow molding plastic traffic road barrier : Plastic road barrier is mainly located in places prone to traffic accidents, such as turning, toll stations, highway Exit, etc.. When the vehicle collides with the device, it can effectively reduce the...

Blow Molding Plastic Traffic Road safety Barrier

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Introduction of plastic traffic road barrier:

    The plastic traffic safety barrier is a kind of pavement or plastic shell to form partition barrier for structure is usually on the lower, above the hole injection to weight gain, part of the plastic traffic road barrier and the horizontal through hole so as to pass the bar connected to form a longer chain block or block wall.  

    It is commonly used in road traffic facilities, which are common in highways, urban roads, and street crossings.

Product information of blowing plastic road barrier

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Product Name: blow molding plastic barrier


Long:1350 mm

High:750 mm

Upper width:150 mm

Lower width:300mm



Production process of the blow molding plastic barrier

Blow molding is also a method of making hollow thermoplastic parts.

The blow molding process consists of 5 steps:

Extrusion of 1. plastic embryos

Cut off 2. in embryo will flap mould and mould clamping closed exergy type embryo

3. to the wall cavity blowing type and exergy adjusting opening and to maintain a certain pressure during cooling

4 open the mold to unload the blown parts

5. trim the end of the fly to get the finished product. The raw materials of blow molding grade are very rich, that is, many kinds of thermoplastic plastics used for blow molding. The most commonly used raw materials are polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC and thermoplastic polyester. It can also be mixed with mixed material, waste material and so on.

The details show

1、 The traffic road barrier is made of high strength produced by environmental plastic, furnish convenient, heat resistance and cold resistance, impact resistance, not easy to damage, aging, long service life

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2、 The road traffic barrier is more flexible after filling the water, and it can move flexibly after emptying the water. When collision happens, it can absorb powerful impact force effectively and reduce the probability of traffic accident.

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3、 This water filled plastic barrier has a new style, can be adjusted with the road bending, flexible installation convenience.

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4、 Clear and clear directions. Combined use, the overall affordability is stronger.

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5、 Portable plastic road  barrier uses new raw materials, bright colors, good reflection effect. It is durable and can be recycled for many times.

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