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HDPE Plastic Traffic Barrier

HDPE Plastic Traffic Barrier

HDPE Plastic Reflective Plastic Traffic Road Barrier Product information: Brand: Suntop Product name: Traffic barrier Supply mode: Customizable Texture of material: HDPE/PE Processing technology: Blowing molding Weight: 10kg Applicable scope: Road Construction/Municipal Construction/Greening...

HDPE Plastic Traffic Barrier

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Product information

Brand: Suntop

Product name: HDPE plastic traffic barrier

Supply mode: Customizable

Texture of material: HDPE/PE

Processing technology: Blowing molding

Weight: 10kg, other weight available .

Color:Yellow,Red,Black and other color can be customized.

Applicable scope: Road Construction/Municipal Construction/Greening reconstruction

The characteristics of traffic safety plastic barrier

1、100% new raw material production, without any recycling materials, beautiful appearance, unique shape, bright colors, warning signs, reflective effect is good.

2、With anti-aging, UV protection, the use of more than 2-3 years will not fade.

3、The plastic road crash barrier is made of blow molding technology, which has better toughness, stronger impact resistance, recyclable and longer service life. Compared with the pallet produced by the recycled material, the performance price ratio is higher.

Features and advantage of water filled HDPE traffic safety plastic barrier

1.Durable,abandoned after degradation effectively,green environmental protection.

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2Exquisite production,fine processing,the design is novel ,easy to use.

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3Mature and elegant,simple atmosphere,apply technology and convenient.

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Practical scenario of reflective plastic barrier

Generally used in expressway exit water horse used as emergency exits, and all levels of road crossroads, toll station, roads, bridges, parking lot, stations, terminals, shopping malls, plazas, highway maintenance, hotel, residential, sports venues, the dangerous areas and road construction area, maintenance of temporary isolation fence assembly location places as road traffic, regional isolation, diversion, guide or used in some book celebration occasions, or sports entertainment and athletic performance occasion order.

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