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Water Filled Barricades

Water Filled Barricades

Water or sand Filled Barricade SUNTOP Water Filled Barricade, Our road barricade is made of high quality HDPE plastic material, it is suitable for the application of variety of conditions. The safety plastic barricades are very light and easy to carry when they are empty, but they have...

Water Filled Barricade

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Suntop Water Filled Barricade

As our road barricade is a hollow structure made of high quality polyethylene plastic, it is suitable for the application of many scenes. The safety plastic barricades are very light and easy to carry when they are empty, but they have excellent stability and energy absorption when they are filled with water. Our products are also durable, even in bad weather, to resist cracking and deterioration.

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Description of the road safety plastic barricade

1、 The traffic safety barricade has the characteristics of cold resistance, heat resistance, impact resistance and durability.

2、A large number of cases have proved that the Suntop road barrier is quite flexible, and can effectively absorb impact force and reduce traffic accidents.

3、3. The design of the reflective film has brought a very striking color, and it is very attractive at night.

4、It is made of high strength polyethylene and color material to ensure the strength of the roadblock, and it is not easy to fade and durable. The installation of HDPE plastic road barrier is very convenient, fast, and cost saving.

Traffic road barricade size

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1. 1360 mm long

2. Top width: 160mm

3.Bottom width: 340mm

4. Height: 750mm

5.Net weight:7.5kgs each piece

6.The ability to be full of water:180kg

Product Photos of plastic road safet barrier

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