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10000L Six Layers Water Storage Tank Making Machine

10000L Six Layers Water Storage Tank Making Machine

Suntop 10000L six layers water storage tank making machine production safety procedures To prepare well before starting up is the primary problem of blow molding machine production. It is the basic premise for subsequent production operation. It mainly includes the following steps. 1) Heating and holding time is enough to meet the temperature requirement of production. 2) When producing blow molding products, the air compressor should be opened 30 minutes in advance to meet the required air pressure condition.

10000L six layers water storage tank making machine

The definition of hollow blow moulding


Hollow blow moulding: a processing technology of hollow plastic products. With the help of gas pressure, the hot melt plastic that is closed in the mould is blown to form plastic products.

Type of plastic billet: extrusion; injection.


Extruded billet:

Tubular parison -- two petal mold -- closing -- cutting -- closing the upper and lower part of the billet -- blow up -- cooling -- open mold -- product.

Injecting billet:

Injection mould - type bottom slab - closed - blow mold - cooling and demoulding


The process flow of extrusion blowing production line:

1, mixed with resin and plastic additives

2. Made of plastic particles

3, melt and plasticate particles through the heating system of blow moluding machine.

4, molding molten state plastics through extrusion mechanism.

5. Blow up the embryo by blowing the air system

6, waiting for the cooling of products

7. After the film removal, the blow molding products are obtained

The common type of 10000L six layers water storage tank making machine:

1, double mode hydraulic hollow moulding machine

2. Large blow moulding machine

3, double position hollow moulding machine

4, horizontal rotary disc type single head extrusion blow moulding machine.


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