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2000L Plastic Water Tank Blow Molding Machine

2000L Plastic Water Tank Blow Molding Machine

2000L Water Tank Blow Molding Machine water storage tanks production line, blow molding plant. it is suitable for the application of many scenes. The safety plastic barricades are very light and easy to carry when they are empty, but they have excellent stability and energy absorption when they are filled with water. Our products are also durable, even in bad weather, to resist cracking and deterioration. 1.Adopt Siemens PLC,Siemens Touch Screen and MOOG to make the operation easy. 2.Adopt progressive hydraulic system by ourselves,easy to control. 3.Adopt inverter to control the clamping system,saving a lot of energy. 4.The technology of die head is the same with Germany.

2000L Water Tank Blow Molding Machine



Safety operation rules of blow molding machine

The operator must be familiar with and understand the function of each switch button on the 2000L 4 layers Blow Molding Machine operating panel, and strictly operate according to the operation rules and matters needing attention.

Operational requirements

  1. Before heating plastic water tank and starting the machine, the cooling water valve should be opened first to see if the waterway is smooth.

  2. Close the power switch on the edge of 2000L 4layers HDPE Plastic Water Tank Blow Molding Machine, connect the power supply inside the machine, start the motor of the oil pump according to the motor start button on the panel.

  3. when blow molding machine is in the initial process of water tank, after the oil pump starts, it has to take a few minutes' idling before it can start operation.

  4. Open the heating switch, connect the electric power supply, adjust the temperature control, make the temperature setting, observe the melting state of the HDPE plastic, in order to judge the quality of the plastic water tank blow moulding machine.

  5. The trial run should be done manually, semi-automatic and automatic. At the same time, check whether the important fastening bolts are loose or not, and find that the abnormality should be stopped immediately. After confirming normal or troubleshooting, run the car again.

  6. From the black HDPE plastic to other light color material to carry out the barrel cleaning, cleaning work should be heated under the condition of the barrel, and add a certain amount of cleaning agent. So that it can be cleaned as soon as possible.

  7. when the production process of 2000L 4layers HDPE Plastic Water Tank is stopped, the motor will be closed according to the motor, wall thickness and material stopping button, and then turn off the power switch and finish the work.


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