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Plastic Machine 2000L 5-Layer Blow Molding Machine

Plastic Machine 2000L 5-Layer Blow Molding Machine

Qingdao Suntop Energy Equipment Co., Ltd is the professional water tank (2-6layer)Blow Molding Machine manufacturer,Exporter & Solution Provider in plastic blow molding technology.1.Adopt Siemens PLC,Siemens Touch Screen and MOOG to make the operation easy. 2.Adopt progressive hydraulic system by ourselves,easy to control. 3.Adopt inverter to control the clamping system,saving a lot of energy. 4.The technology of DIe Head is the same with Germany.

Plastic Machine 2000L Five Layers Blow Molding Machine

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Surface gloss is an important factor affecting the quality of blow molded products. The brightening of plastics improves the surface gloss of plastic products. In addition to the reasonable selection of raw materials, there are adding brightening method, blending brightening method, shape control brightening method, two processing and brightening method and surface coating brightening method.

Select the 1, plastic raw materials

The rational selection of plastic materials is the most basic factor to improve the surface finish of plastic products. The selection of raw materials is good and the glossiness is easy to improve; conversely, it is difficult.  

Plastic raw materials can be divided into two categories: resin and additives.

(1) choose resin

The characteristics of the resin have great influence on the surface gloss of plastic products. The fewer 5 layer blow molding machine faults, the better the gloss of the surface of the plastic products. A well controlled blow molding machine can produce more than 2000 liters of plastic products, and the number of the inner and outer walls of the product can reach up to 5 or even 6 levels.

(2) selection of additives

Among all the additives for plastics, the most influential factor is gloss, followed by plasticizers, stabilizers and flame retardants. The influence of filler on gloss can be divided into the following aspects.

The effect of a and fillers on Glossiness

Influence of B and filler shape on Glossiness of filled products

The size and distribution width of C and filler

Filling amount of D and filler


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