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Water Storage Tank Blow Moulding Machine

Water Storage Tank Blow Moulding Machine

Blow Molding Machine For Water Storage Tank .The plastic water storage tank making machine, fully using the Germany technology, can be blowing molding to HDPE, PP, PS, ABS and other thermoplastic materials as raw material capacity from 75L-3000L ,2 layers to 6 layers...

Water Storage Tank Blow Moulding Machine


Product description of water storage tank blow moulding machine

Hollow blow molding machine is mainly composed of extruder, head, hydraulic system, clamping system, electrical control system, inflatable system, automatic clamping and other parts. The basic structure is mainly composed of two parts: the power part and the heating part. The power part is mainly composed of frequency converter and power output motor, and it is the main working part for energy transfer and wind output. The heating part is composed of an electromagnetic heater and a bracket part, can be used to be the wind blow molded plastic temperature heating, to maintain its long-term softening characteristics.

The principle of hollow blow molding machine

The working principle of blow molding machine, after the liquid plastic spray out by blowing out of the wind, the cavity is blowing plastic body attached to a certain shape, while hot plastic parison placed in the mold, die immediately after the parison is filled with compressed air, so that the plastic parison inflation and cling to the mold wall, by cooling and demoulding, obtain various hollow products. Hollow products, commonly used for blowing PE and many other materials such as: barrels, drums, beer fresh-keeping container, toolbox, shade etc..

Product characteristics of hollow blowing machine

1. Control system of blow molding machine: operation panel uses 5.7 inches Chinese man-machine interface touch screen, all actions, parameters setting, monitoring, product counting, wall thickness control and other visual operations.

2 blow moulding machine for water storage tank1249.png 

2. Extrusion system: 

The extrusion head is the main component of blow molding machine. It makes the molten plastic from extruder to linear motion and produces the necessary molding pressure to ensure the dense plastic parts, so as to get the continuous profile with the same cross section.

2 blow moulding machine for water storage tank1794.png 

3. Die head system of plastic water storage tank making machine : 

The extrusion head of blow molding machine usually adopts cooling, pressurizing or vacuumizing methods to stabilize the shape of the extruded plastic and repair it, so as to get the brighter plastic product.

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