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Plastic Product Blow Molding Machine

Plastic Product Blow Molding Machine

Factory Supply High Quality Water Tank Plastic Product Blow Molding Machine,high quality,durable and easy operation 1.Adopt Siemens PLC,Siemens Touch Screen and MOOG to make the operation easy. 2.Adopt progressive hydraulic system by ourselves,easy to control. 3.Adopt inverter to control the clamping system,saving a lot of energy. 4.The technology of DIe Head is the same with Germany. Qingdao Suntop Energy Equipment Co., Ltd is the professional Road Barrier Blow Molding Machine manufacturer,Exporter & Solution Provider in plastic blow molding technology.

Qingdao Suntop Chinese Famous Brand Factory Supply High Quality Plastic Product Water Tank Blow Molding Machine



Preparation for high quality water tank blow molding machine before starting:

1) Raw materials need to meet the design requirements of hollow blow molding machine, and two drying is necessary if necessary.

2) According to the variety and size of the product, choose the size of the machine head and install the machine head in the following order: loading flange, die, die, perforated panel and filter screen.

3) Factory supply compressed air pipes, electric heating rods and head heating rings. Check and open the water system. Adjust the gap between the die and die evenly, check the alignment between the main engine and auxiliary machine center line.

4) Start the extruder, mode-locked device, mechanical hand and other equipment, carry out no load operation, check the operation of each safety emergency device, and find out the fault in time.

5) According to the requirements of the technological conditions, the temperature of the extrusion blow molding machine head and each heating section is set and heated by section by section, and the integrity of each heating section is tested with the foot material, and the heating phenomenon is checked, and the high quality water tank will be started after the temperature reaches the setting temperature of each part.

6) On programmable controller, the thickness of parison wall should be set according to process regulations.

7) Start the blowing machine to cut off the material, usually open the outer layer first, prevent the inner layer from opening, because the pressure is too big, cause the material to return from the outer layer. The frequency of cutting stock is increased from small to large, so that the opening frequency is too large, resulting in screw screw being damaged due to low temperature and so on.


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