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Plastic Water Tank Making Machine

Plastic Water Tank Making Machine

Plastic Water Tank Making Machine An overview of the blow molding machine :Suntop hollow molding machine can produce chemical packaging barrels, food, drug packaging barrels,traffic barriers, blow molding pallets, blow molding roadblocks and other industries blow molding products. The...

Plastic Water Tank Making Machine

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    Blow molding machine, also known as hollow blow molding machine, is a rapid development of plastic processing method. The thermoplastic plastic parison produced by extrusion or injection molding is placed in the open mold according to the heat, and then compressed air is put into the parison immediately after closing the mold, so that the plastic parison expands and is closely attached to the inner wall of the die. After cooling and demoulding, various hollow products are obtained.

    The manufacturing process of blown film is very similar to the blow molding of hollow products, but it doesn't use moulds. From the point of view of classification of plastic processing technology, molding technology of blown film is usually included in extrusion. The blow molding can be divided into extrusion blow molding and injection blow molding, and the newly developed multi layer blow molding and tensile blow molding are newly developed.




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