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Multi-layer IBC Hollow Blow Molding Machine

Multi-layer IBC Hollow Blow Molding Machine

multi-layer IBC tank hollow blow molding machine,The independent proportional control system is adopted to make each cylinder smooth and soft, with low noise, energy saving, fast stability and long life.

Packaging & Delivery

  • Packaging Details

  • The machine will be took apart into small pieces, well packaged and put into containers. 
    The quantity of containers will depend on the size of machine.

  • Delivery Time

  • 2 months

Product Information

Blow molding technique is a newest technology for plastic products. Compare to the rotational molding, blow molding has the follow advantages:

1.Output can be 4 times than rotational molding.
2.Recycle material can be used which can save the material cost up to 35%.
3.There is almost no failure during producing.
4.Products are more strength and resilience.
5.Easy operating and less workers required.

Detail description

01 Control system


1.Germany siemens s7-1500, s7-300, s7-1200,s7-200 PLC

2. Using proportion control the action

3.10.7"1215 colorful smart touch screen

4. Can pre-setting temperature of each heating zone

5.Automatic display of production progressand circle time

6. Automatic fault diagnosis, record and alarm

7.Japan Moog 100 points axial wall thickness control system

02 Circuit configuration


1.ABB ACS550,ACS850 inverter

2.Schneider Air switch,Contactor & Relay

3. International safety standard wire connecting method

4.Individual Omron temperature controller for each heating zone

5. Electric cabinets have cooling fan or air conditioner for good heat dissipation

03 Frame construction


1.Classical 3 Platens 2 pull rods construction with Taiwan brand Linear guide rail and slide block, stable and durable

2.Use synchronous rack and gear to make sure the clamping together.

3. The movement of Clamping platen controlled by limit switch or rotary encoder,to ensure the accuracy and reliability

4.Clamping cylinder use direct center clamping for uniform pressure distribution.Fast speed cylinder is optional

5. Clamping frame match safe raster to ensure secure using

04 Multi-ayers co-extrusion Die head


1.Center feeding, runner way adopt coat hanger type, screw type or restrictive rings type streamlined design,with special polishing process, help to reduce extrusion pressure, increase uniformity of feed distribution, improve color change speed

2. First in first out accumulator use Nitride 38CrMoALA material, with enough thickness, to avoid any tiny deformation under very high hydraulic pressure

3.Trimmed die-core according to different product, help to get the best wall thickness

and lowest product weight

05 Hydraulic system


1. Match Yuken or Rexroth hydraulic pump and valves

2. Equipped with one or two coolers

3. Equipped with hydraulic oil level and temperature detection device

4. Equipped with Inovance Servo hydraulic system, to reduce energy consumption up to 50%,reduce working noisy, improve stability and durability

5.Stainless steel oil tank is optional

06 Products take out system


1. Match Robot-arm take out device

2.Using the electromagnetic brake, Festo Rodless cylinder robot arm control in and out, Airtac air cylinder control the robot arm open and closed

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